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Inglés 5

Vocabulary.Traveler.Elementary Unit 1.

whereabouts? Whereabouts in Madrid do you live? / Whereabouts is your office, then?
notice firstanme
surname exchange
brown silver
gold light blue
dark blue men and women
survey /survei/ encuesta, estudio
up to date al día o reciente
quite bastante
man and men woman and women
child - children editing /eriring/
match emparejar
I can type puedo escribir en maquina
Pizza delivery person an example sentence
Tick - palomear Cross - Tachar
advertisement Anuncios
applicant /áplicat/ aplicante o solicitante
discuss /discoss/ discutir
quarter /cuare/ adjectives /ádyetivs/
busy, hungry, thirsty tired, bored
It´s a bit early let´s go out tonight
Fine, meet you there am = from midnight to noon
pm = froom noon to midnight newly - recién
whereabouts where or approximately where: whereabouts do you come from?
What time is the meeting at¡ make plans for tonight or tomorrow night
opposite adjetives - adjetivos opuestos (antonimos) lifeguard - salvavidas
active lazy
funny serious
shy outgoing
polite rude
I´m newly married We have so much fun together
engaged comprometido
I´m engaged to Julio Simms I´m unemployed at the moment /onemplóid/
hard-working trabajador
We were a hard-working band on stage - en el escenario
Check out revisa
marital status punctuation /pónctueishon/
(.) = full stop (?) = question mark
(!) = exclamation mark He is married to a woman
Mr. /mister/ Señor casado o soltero
Mrs /Missus/ y /Misses/ Señora termino formal
Ms /Miz/ Mujer casada o no. (Más seguro en cualquier situación)
Miss /Miiss/ Señorita (Mujer soltera termino formal). Para niñas o adolescentes
talk about likes and dislikes whrite about working habits
We like her alot Nos agrada mucho
These books here are my husband's This isn´t my motorike. It´s my brother´s.
communication /comiuniqueishon/ What are you like? I´m polite and shy.
I´m here to leave my CV suitable - adecuado, apropiado, conveniente
prompts sugerencias o propuestas
self-assessment autoevaluación
unsure of /onshor/ = inseguro sure of /shur/ = seguro
For the points you are unsure of. Por los puntos de los que no esta seguro
Culture /Colchur/ Do you know anything about it? = Sabes algo de eso?
Flick through the module Hojear el modulo
What´s your daily routine like? What sort of free-time activites do you like?
part-time and full-time eldrely people - personas ancianas
people = plural de persona| person= singular de persona | persons=plural de persona Not many people speak that language | Joel is such a nice person.
She’s a person I have a lot of respect for. Three people were interviewed for the job, but only one person had the right qualifications and experience.
arrangements /arreinchments/ make arrangements for an evening night
Created by: tiotitanio



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