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chpt 11 quiz 1

social studies vocab

plurality the largest single share (but not receiving an absolute majority) of the total votes when there are 3 or more candidates running for the same job
majority winner gets more than half the votes
landslide an overwhelming victory
mudslinging attempts to ruin an opponents reputation by malicious, scandalous, or insulting attacks
bureaucracy the governments non-elected workers who often have their government jobs for many, many years
spoils system the practice of replacing the government's non-elected workers with the winning presidential candidate's supporters
suffrage who has the right to vote. During Jackson' s presidency , many white men who did not own property gained the right to vote
caucus a system in which major political candidates, like president, were chosen by committees made up of members of Congress
nominating convention a system in which delegates from the states selected the party's presidential candidate
secede to break away from the United States and form a separate government
nullification crisis South Carolina cancelled the Tariff of 1828 and 1832 and threatened to secede from the United States if the Jackson tried to force them to pay the tariffs...
Old Hickory nickname given to Andrew Jackson because he was thought to be tough as a hickory stick
Indian Removal Act a law of Congress that allowed the Federal government to pay Native Americans to move west
Trail of Tears the forced winter march of Cherokee Native Americans west of the Mississippi to Oklahoma in which many died
depression a period in which business and employment fall to a very low level
Panic of 1837 a time when businesses closed, and many people lost their jobs because of President Jackson's policies
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