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chpt 9 Quiz 1

social studies vocab

Louisiana Purchase It doubled the size of the US
War of 1812 armed conflict between the US and Great Britain
Judicial Review the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional
Laissez Faire Jefferson's belief that the government should leave businesses alone
Customs Duties taxes of foreign goods coming into the US
John Marshall Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years. He established the principle of Judicial review
Marbury vs. Madison the 1803 case that established that the Supreme Court has the right to decide if laws are constitutional
Midnight Judges the appointment of several judges by John Adams just before he was to leave office as president
Louis and Clark explored and mapped the Louisiana Territory, and found a route to the Pacific Ocean
Secede a state who leaves or withdraws from the United States
Impressment the British practice of stopping American merchant ships and forcing their crew into the British Navy
Neutral Rights the right of a nation not involved in a conflict to sail the seas safely and not take sides.
Embargo ban on trade with a nation``
War Hawks members of Congress who pushed for the US invade and conquer Canada
Nationalism loyalty to a nation and its interests above all others
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