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Sci7 Kunde

Ch4 test

Cellular respiration allows an organism to get energy from: food
A form of active transportation that uses a vesicle to remove something from the cell is: exocytosis
A cell moving particles with the use of energy is: active transport
Passive transport occurs when small particles move from: areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration
When water diffuses into or out of a cell, it is called: osmosis
A cell does not need to use energy during: diffusion
Diffusion allows materials to: move in and out of cells
Diffusion When particles travel from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Fermentation occurs when a cell can’t get enough: oxygen
The organelle that cellular respiration occurs in: Mitochondria
Photosynthesis occur in this organelle: Chloroplast
A body makes new cells to replace: cells that have died
Which of the following observations can be made when an animal cell is undergoing cytokinesis? The cell membrane is pinching off to form two cells
How do prokaryotes/bacteria divide? binary fission
The shape of prokaryotic DNA: a circle
How do eukaryotes divide? mitosis
Where are chromosomes located during metaphase? lined up in the middle of the cell
The nuclear membrane disappears during this phase of mitosis: prophase
When cell division is complete how do the two new daughter cells compare? they are similar
The nuclear membrane disappears in this phase___________and then reappears in this phase of mitosis______________: disappears in prophase and then reappears in telophase
One thing that is common between diffusion and osmosis: Both are passive transport and move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration
A difference between diffusion and osmosis: Osmosis - movement of water; Diffusion - movement of particles
Be able to label Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
How are plants able to do both photosynthesis and cellular respiration but animals can only do cellular respiration? photosynthesis makes sugar/food, the plant still needs to take that food and break it down into energy. Animal cells lack chloroplasts and therefore can not make their own food. They rely on other organisms for nourishment.
Created by: maplelakesped