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Hatchet ch. 1-5


Bushplane An aircraft serving rural, undeveloped areas of the country, where the road system is insufficient or does not exist.
rudder A movable control attached to the vertical stabilizer, located at the rear of the airplane and used to turn the airplane.
hatchet A small ax with a short handle.
audible Able to be heard
turbulence unstable motion
horizon The line or circle that forms the apparent boundry between the earth and the sky.
cowling A metal covering for an engine.
compass An instrument for determining directions
altimeter A sensitive barometer for determining distance above sea level by comparison of air pressure.
altitude Distance upward ; Height
glide to move in the air at an easy angle downward solely by the action of air currents and gravity
abated Dimminish
hummocks Small hills
extensive Far Reaching; thorough
amphibious Able to function on both land and water
asset A resource that has value
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