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BP Final Review


CPT Current Procedural Terminology
ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision
Pt Patient
ROA Received on Account
POS Point of Sale (Banking); Place of Service
EOB Explanation of Benefits
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
NSF Non Sufficient Funds
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
A/R Accounts Receivable
REC'D Received
COB Coordination of Benefits
E/M Evaluation and Management
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
AMA American Medical Association
UCR Usual Customary and Reasonable
B/F Balance Forward
pd Paid
adj Adjustment
TOS Type of Service
RVS Relative Value Scale
ABN Advanced Beneficiary Notice
NOS Not Otherwise Specified
NES Not Elsewhere Classified
Deduct Deductible
Co-ins Co-insurance
NPI National Provider Identifier
est. Established
Dx. Diagnosis
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