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Casteel Sound 2

SOL 5.2 Sound

amplitude The amount of energy in a sound, or the loudness of a sound
pitch How high or low a sound is;
energy Sound is a form of:
waves Sound travels in:
frequency How fast something vibrates
wavelength The distance on a wave measured from crest to crest
gases Sound travels slowest through:
solids Sound travels fastest through:
frequency The pitch of a sound is closely related to:
high frequency High pitch =
low frequency Low pitch =
loud sound High amplitude =
soft sound Low amplitude =
10 vibrations per second 10 hertz =
100 vibrations per second 100 hertz =
20 hertz The lowest frequency that humans can hear is:
20,000 hertz The highest frequency that humans can hear is:
decibels A sounds loudness, or intensity, is measured in:
120 Humans feel pain at ____________ decibels.
noise An unwanted sound:
echo A reflected sound wave creates an:
Vacuum A place with NO matter, such as outer space
echo-location Bats and whales use _________________ to locate food that they cannot see.
Light ______________travels much faster than sound.
about 750 mph How fast does sound travel through the air?
Soft objects absorb sound Why does furniture, rugs, and carpet cut down echoes and noise in a house?
high frequency Which wave has more waves per second, a high frequency or low frequency sound?
high amplitude Which wave is louder, a wave with a small amplitude or a high amplitude?
bats, dogs, cats, dolphin Name several animals that can hear sounds with very high frequency.
elephant Name an animal that can communicate with low frequency sounds?
ultrasonic What do we call sounds with a frequency greater than 20,000 hertz?
supersonic What do we call something that travels faster than the speed of sound?
infrasoninc What do we call sounds with a frequency lower than 20 hertz?
vibration The rapid back and forth movement of something
vibrate In order for sound to occur, something must:
It is going twice the speed of sound If a jet is traveling at Mach 2.0, what does that mean?
eardrum What is the thin membrane inside your ear that detects vibrations?
hammer, anvil, and stirrup What are the three tiny bones in your inner ear that vibrate?
cochlea The part of your inner ear that controls your balance:
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