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18-19 Chapter 15

18-19 Chapter 15 - The Spirit of Reform

Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a book that portrayed slavery as a cruel and brutal system? Harriet Beecher Stowe
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau are all thought of as following what type of philosophy which was the belief that people could rise above material things in life? Transcendentalism
What type of art and literature focused on nature and individual expression and included Nathaniel Hawthorn, Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson? American Romanticism
What was the Christian renewal movement that took place in the 1790s and early 1800s that began in the Northeast? 2nd Great Awakening
What was the reform effort that urged people to use self-discipline to stop drinking hard liquor because many Americans blamed alcoholism for social problems? Temperance movement
Who visited prisons, spoke about their horrid conditions and inspired separate facilities to be built for the mentally ill? Dorothea Dix
Who was a leader in education and wanted all children to be taught in a common place? Horace Mann
Who escaped from slavery when he was 20 and went on to become an accomplished newspaper publisher and writer and one of the most important African American leaders of the 1800s? Frederick Douglass
Who was the former slave who said God called upon her to travel the U.S. and preach the truth about slavery and women's rights? Sojourner Truth
What was the network of people who arranged transportation and hiding places for slaves escaping from the South into Norther states and Canada? Underground Railroad
Fighting for the rights of African Americans led many female abolitionists to then start to fight for what? Women's rights
How did women's support for other reform movements help their own fight for rights? Men were attracted to the women's movement.
Who fought to give women control of their own wages and property in New York state? Susan B. Anthony
What was the first public meeting about women's rights in the United States? Seneca Falls Convention
What document was the Declaration of Sentiments modeled after? The Declaration of Independence
What argument did some women make against equal rights? Women and men were different rather than unequal.
What is a revival? A religious meeting
What is a utopia? A community based on a vision of the perfect society
What is temperance? Drinking little or no alcohol
What is a lecture? speech meant to provide information, similar to what a teacher presents
What was a normal school? A state-supported school for training high-school graduates to become teachers
What is an author? A writer of books, articles or other written works
What is civil disobedience? Refusing to obey laws considered unjust
Who were abolitionists? People who sought the end of slavery in the United States in the early 1800s
What is a route? A line of travel
What is medical? Relating to medicine and help given to people who are sick or injured
What is suffrage? The right to vote
What is coeducation? The teaching of males and females together
What is capable? Skillful
What is ministry? The job of a religious leader
Created by: dacoburn