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PE Volleyball 2/22

PE Quiz

How do you start the game? With a serve
How is the serve correctly done? One hand (under or overhand), behind white line
What happens if the server steps on white line? It is a foot fault and the other team gets the point
How many chances does a team get to get the ball over the net? 1 Chance
How many hits does each team get after the serve? 3 hits after serve
Are there allowed to be double hits? NO!!!!!!!!
Advantage of a block If the blocker gets hit by the ball, it does not count as 1 of the 3 hits
What happens if you contact the net in any way? It is a point for the other team
What happens if both players from opposite teams hit the net? The ball is dead and it is a replay
What happens if the ball hits line? It is counted in
What happens if the ball hits the rafters and comes down on the same side? It is still in play
What happens if the ball hits the rafters and comes down on the other side? It is the point of the team that did not hit the ball
What is a side out? A side out is when a team wins the position of ball and gets point
What happens every play? A team gets a point
What do you play to? 25 points, win by 2, best 2/3 games
What do you play to if there is a third game? 15 points, win by 2
What are offensive hits? Serving, setting, passing, spiking
What a pass off of? It is off of a serve
What are defensive hits? Block, and dig
What is a dig? It is off of a spike and is lower so you might have to dive to pop it up
What is an ace? When a team serves in and it does not come back over
What is a kill? When a team spikes it and it does not come back over
Who created volleyball? William Morgan
When was volleyball created? 1895
Where was volleyball created? Massachusetts
What is the height of the women's net? 7 feet, 4 in, and 1/4 in
What is the height of the men's net? 8 feet
How many players are on the court? 6 players at a time on the court
How many people are in the front and back? 3 in the front, 3 in the back
When do you rotate? You rotate when your team wins the serve
What is rally scoring? A point is scored every time the ball is in play
Created by: greatwaytostudy