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Global 10

People That Move You

Kwame Nkrumah A national leader who fought for Ghana’s independence from Britain- Ghana gained Independence in 1957 Born 1909- died 1972 Ghana= Gold Coast Pan- Africanism President of Ghana from 1960-1966 Studied Marx and Western democracies Jomo Kenyatta
Nelson Mandela A nationalist leader in South Africa who fought to end apartheid Born 1918 died 2013 Became President of South Africa in 1994 until 1999 Imprisoned for 27 years and freed in 1990’s Champion of peace social justice Received a british education
Mohandas Gandhi An Indian nationalist leader who fought for India’s independence from Britain Born1869 and assassinated by a radical arttindu in 1948 Civil disobedience fasted, protested, imprisoned Salt march 1930 Homespun movement in 1931
Jomo Kenyatta Known as the “father of Kenya” a nationalist leader who fought for Kenya’s independence from Britain Born 1891 and died 1978 Kenya gained independence in 1963 Pan-Africanism Served as Prime Minister from 1963-1964 than as President from 1964-1978
Pan-Africanism Uniting of all Africans the political union of all native Africans of Africa Kwame Nkrumah- UNited States of Africa- wins independence from Ghana Jomo Kenyatta- “Father of Kenya” Independence from imperial power Great Britain Nationalism
Apartheid The legal segregation/ discrimination on the grounds of race South Africa- white minority controlled the black majority Black individuals had to carry identification cards Whites only Blacks only Similar to Jim Crow laws of the South Nelson Mandela
Civil Disobedience The refusal to comply with certain laws; a peaceful protest Nonviolence Boycotts, protests, marches diplomacy, fasting/ hunger strikes Mohandas Gandhi- Salt March and Homespun movement Nelson Mandela Auung San Suu Sky Martin Luther King
Otto Von Bismarck A German nationalist who united Germany 1815-1898 Germany became a modern unified nation under his leadership "The Iron Chancellor" Believed that only through "Blood and Iron" could unity be obtained Hosted the Berlin Conference Nationalism
Kemal Ataturk Turkish nationalist leader and founder of modern Turkey formally known as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk = the "Father of history" President of Turkey 1923-1938 Modernization and westernization Links Turkey to the "west" fall of the Ottoman Empire
Benazir Bhutto A nationalist leader from Pakistan who fought to bring democracy ad rights for women to the region Born 1953 asssassinated in 2007 Leader of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Became Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988-1990- 1993-1996
Aung San Suu Kyi A Burmese nationalist leader who fought for Democracy and human rights in Myanmar Burma-Myanmar Born 1945-still alive Father was assassinated fro his pro democratic stance civil disobedience- nonviolence/ hunger strikes leader of the nation league dem
Created by: mbarkley