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US History Unit 8

What is the Monroe Doctrine? It said that America will protect the western hemisphere
Describe Roosevelt's "Big Stick" Policy. It put pressure on other countries to negotiate with America
What is "Dollar Diplomacy"? The use of financial power to extend influence
Why did FDR proclaim the "Good Neighbor Policy" in Latin America? To improve relations
Neutrality Acts (1935-1937) Tried to limit U.S. involvement in future war
"Quarantine Speech" by FDR Called for an international quarantine of dictatorships
Destroyer for Bases Agreement US Warships were transferred to Britain
Lend-Lease Act of 1941 Distributed food and oil
Atlantic Charter Defined the Allied post war goals
Ending the Great Depression The war brought the US out of it
Creation of Victory Gardens Increased food production
Industrial production and rationing Produced more weapons and gave materials to soldiers
Mass employment of women Helped produce weapons and vehicles
Minority involvement in the war More people in the army
How was victory achieved in the war against Germany? Germany was overwhelmed
How was victory achieved in the war against Japan? Island hopping and atomic bombs
Identify some of the new innovations that came out of the war effort. Atomic Bombs, Radar
Created by: TheMemeLord