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What are the four main rivers? arnus, tiber, liris, volturnus
What is the strait that divides Italy and Sicily called? the strait of messina
What are the four main civilizations living in Italy? villanovans, phoenicians, greeks, etruscans
which century did the greeks establish colonies in Italy? 8th
Where is the first greek colony established in 775? Pithecusa
What are the etruscans good at? gold making
what are the phoenicians good at? pottery
who are the villanovans? etruscan ancestors
when is the bronze age? 1800 BC
when is the earliest sign of agriculture? 4000 BC
what are the seven hills of rome? esquiline, palatine, capitoline, aventine, viminal, quirinal, caelian
when do the romans begin writing their history? 200 BC
what is the name of an apartment that housed most of the urban civilization? insula
when is rome founded? 753 BC
what is the name of the woman who gave birth to Romulus and Remus? rhea silvia
who is the first king of rome? romulus
when is the beginning of the republic? 500 BC
what are the two classes of rome? patricians, plebians
what are the four magistracies? quaestor, aedile, praetor, consul
what is it called when you have the divine right to lead the army and impose the death penalty? imperium
what is a double headed axe with purple ribbons called? fasces
what is purple made with? murex
which magistracy did you have to be 36 years of age? aedile
which magistracy was chief executive of the state and general of rome's army? consul
who did they appoint when shit hit the fan? dictator
which magistracy monitored taxation and controlled government finances? quaestor
which magistracy ran the judiciary system? praetor
which magistracy staged public festivals and repaired infrastructures? aedile
who is the master of the cavalry? magister equitum
how old did you have to be to be part of the tribune of the plebs? 27
what is the declaration of physical inviolability of a person through the lex sacrata called? sacrosanctity
what is the constitutional right to reject a decision made by a law-making body? veto
what are the magistracies with no imperium? quaestor, aedile
who is the second king of rome? numa pompilius
who is the third king of rome? tullus hostilius
who is the fourth king of rome? ancus marcius
who is the fifth king of rome? lucius tarquinius priscus
who is the sixth king of rome? servius tullius
who is the seventh king of rome? tarquinius superbus
What is the name of rhea silvia's dad? numitor
what is the mythical city where king numitor came from? alba longa
what are the three regions of italy? etruria, latium, campania
what is the area with religious temples, a market place and where large public ceremonies are held called? forum romanum
what is the name of the assembly that was composed of 193 centuries divided by wealth? centuriate assembly
what is the official count or survey of a population called? census
what is a huge self sufficient farm belonging to patricians called? latifundia
what is the sacrifice of a pig, sheep and a bull called? suovetaurilia
what is the name of the person who conducted the census? censor
what is the name of the assembly with 35 tribes that issues verdicts on trials? tribal assembly
which assembly do you have to be plebeian? plebeian assembly
what does regae lex mean? laws of the kings
what is the name of the commission of ten men that were established in 451 BC who had one year to make rules to regulate the republic? decemviri
what is the name of the laws that are fundamental and regulate disputes over ownership of land? laws of the twelve tables
which dictator was appointed a total of five times? marcus furius camillus
which city do the romans eliminate? veii
which god are the romans descendants of? mars
when was war held? summer
what is an example of a literary source? book
what is an example of a non-literary source? archeology
what is the study of inscription? epigraphy
what is the study of coins? numismatics
what is the form of writing called that uses capital letters and no spaces? monumental
what did the romans wash their togas with? urine
what do the samnites and the romans have in common? expansionists
how many samnite wars are there? 3
what was an advantage of colonies established on stolen land? protection
what is a word for leisure time? otium
roman history is divided into what two periods? republic, empire
what are two very important figures in roman history? caesar, augustus
what was the name of the wars where the latin cities joined themselves to rome and lost their autonomy? latin wars
who was the virtuous official who put the welfare of the state above family affairs and killed his son? Titus Manlius Torquatus
What did Quintus Fabius Pictor write? Annals of Rome
What did Marcus Porcius Cato write? De Agricultura
What did Polybius of Megalopolis write? Histories de republica
What did Marcus Tullius Cicero write? De Legibus
What did Gaius Julius Caesar write? commentarii de bello civil
What did Marcus Terentius Varro write? Roman antiquities / de lingua latina / de rerustica
What did Caius Sallustius Crispus write? Jugurthine war / the catalanarian war
What did Diodorus of Sicily write? Historical library
What did Titus Livius (Livy) write? Ab Urbe Condita
what is the name of a city that becomes roman territory and has to obey rome? Municipia
what is the name of the wars that determine who would become the leading power of italy? samnite wars
what was the name of the battle that was about the ownership of Fregallae? Caudine Forks
who did the people of Tarantum ask to help them defeat the romans? King Pyrrhus of Epirus
What is the name of a victory that comes at an extreme cost? Pyrrhic victory
Who is the blind senator who disagrees with Pyrrhus's harsh terms of peace and convinces rome to say no? Appius Claudius Caecus
How many cities lose their independence at the end of the third samnite war? 150
What's the name of the wars over the control of trade in the western mediterranean sea? punic wars
what does poenicus mean? inhabitant of carthage
who was carthage founded by? phoenicians
Which countries do the carthaginians colonize? sicily / sardinia / spain
which cities were involved in the three way struggle over control of the strategic city of Messina? (first punic war) carthage / rome / syracuse
who does syracuse side with? rome
what is carthage's strong point? war fleet
what is rome's strong point? land army
who is the commander of the Carthaginians in Sicily? Hamilcar Barca
What are the first roman provinces outside of italy? sicily / sardinia / corsica
where does the second punic war start? spain
who besieges and captures the city of Saguntum during the second punic war? Hannibal
when Hannibal threatens to invade Rome, who do they appoint as dictator? Quintus Fabius Maximus
what is the name of a dictator who avoids war at all costs? cunctator
Which city does Hannibal capture during the second punic war? Tarentum
which city falls to the romans during the second punic war? Capua
what was the name of the consul who invades north africa and wins the battle of zama against the carthaginians in 202? scipio africanus
what does veni, vidi, vici mean? i came, i saw, i conquered
what is the magister equitum? master of cavalry
what is the name of the wars that started when Philip V negotiates with Hannibal? macedonian wars
who does pergamum side with? romans / greeks
who hated the carthaginians? cato the elder
what does carthago delonda est mean? carthage must be destroyed
what is the excessive pursuit of offices and popularity called? ambitus
who survived between Romulus and Remus? romulus
what is the name of a city without the right to vote? municipia sin suffrago
what is ius conubium? right to marry
what is ius migrationis? right to migrate
during the second macedonian war, Titus Quinctus Flaminius defeats Philip V in which battle? battle of cynoscephaelae
who does Attalus the first, Eumenes of Pergamum complain about? perseus of macedon
who was the son of Philip V of Macedon perseus of macedon
lucius aemilius paullus defeats perseus in which battle? (third macedonian war) battle of pydna
what did scipio do that caused outrage he served as consul when he was 32 years old
which city is destroyed in 146? (end of third macedonian war) carthage
how old did you have to be to become a quaestor? 30
how old did you have to be to become an aedile? 36
how old did you have to be to become a praetor? 39
how old did you have to be to become a consul? 42
what was the strike where the plebeian soldiers went up to Aventine hill and chose their leaders / refused too cooperate until their demands were met? secession
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