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Articles of the Indian constitution

1-4 Part I: Union and its territory
5-11 Part II: Citizenship
12-35 Part III: Fundamental Rights
36-51 Part IV: Directive principles of state policy
51 A Part IV A: Fundamental duties
52-73 Part V: President and Vice President
74-78 Part V: Union ministers and Attorney general
79-123 Part V: Parliament
124-147 Part V: Supreme Court
148-151 Part V: Comptroller and Auditor General of India
152-162 Part VI: Governor
163-167 Part VI: state ministers and advocate general
168-213 Part VI: state legislature
214-232 Part VI: high courts
233-237 Part VI: subordinate courts
238 Part VII: states in part b of the first schedule (repealed)
239-242 Part VIII: Union territories
243-243 O Part IX: Panchayats
243 P-243 ZG Part IX A: Municipalities
243 ZH-243 ZT Part IX B: Co-operative societies
244-244 A Part X: Scheduled and tribal areas
245-255 Part XI: Centre-state legislative relations
256-263 Part XI: Centre-state administrative relations
264-293 Part XII: Centre-state financial relations
294-300 Part XII: Rights and liabilities of the government
300 A Part XII: Right to property
301-307 Part XIII: Public services
308-323 Part XIV: Public service commissions
323 A-323 B Part XIV A: Tribunals
324-329 A Part XV: Elections
330-342 Part XVI: Special provisions relating to certain classes
343-351 Part XVII: Official language
352-360 Part XVIII: Emergency provisions
361-367 Part XIX: Miscellaneous provisions
368 Part XX: Amendment of the constitution
369-392 Part XXI: Temporary, transitional and special provisions
393-395 Part XXII: Short title, commencement, etc.
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