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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Engineering Design 1 (Using the Exploring Drafting Textbook)

Unwelcome and unwanted actions taken against someone is legally describing: Harassment
Motivating others to do a good job through demonstrating by example: Leadership
This person originates the designs for cutting tools, special holding devices, jigs, dies, and machine attachments that are necessary to manufacture the product: Tool Designer
This person prepares detail detail and working drawings from rough design drawings: Detail Drafter
This person is responsible for the physical design and decoration of interior spaces of buildings: Interior Designer
This person's job is to simplify and improve the operation and appearance of industrial products: Industrial Designer
This serves as a valuable tool to give students the opportunity to gain experience before leaving High School: Technology Student Association
This a place you go to find out information about various career and job opportunities: Career Information Centers
This person prepares pictorial matter for engineering, marketing, or educational purposes: Technical Illustrator
An engineer that focuses on structural design and integrity is called a: Architect
Created by: JonathanCasteel