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ES2 3.2 Vocabulario

los artículos goods
barato(a) inexpensive, cheap
caro(a) expensive
la escultura sculpture
fino(a) fine
la ganga bargain, good deal
la pintura painting
el retrato portrait
único(a) unique
estar hecho a mano to be handmade
ser de... to be made of...
cerámica ceramic
cuero leather
madera wood
metal metal
oro gold
piedra stone
plata silver
Con mucho gusto. With pleasure.
Con permiso. Excuse me.
De nada. You're welcome.
Disculpe. Excuse me.; I'm sorry.
No hay de que. Don't mention it.
Pase. Go ahead.
Perdóneme. Forgive me.
¿Me puede ayudar? Could you help me?
Necesito ayuda. I need help.
¿Me deja ver ___? May I see ___?
¿Cuánto cuesta(n)? How much does it (do they) cost?
Cuesta(n)… It costs... (They cost...)
el dinero money
el dólar dollar
el euro euro
pagar to pay
el peso peso
el precio price
ayudar to help
barrer el suelo to sweep the floor
cocinar to cook
cortar el césped to mow the lawn
darle de comer a to feed
decir to say, tell
hacer to do, make
hacer la cama to make the bed
lavar los platos to wash the dishes
limpiar to clean
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
planchar la ropa to iron clothes
poner la mesa to set the table
los quehaceres chores
sacar la basura to take out the trash
acabar de + inf. to have finished ___
deber + inf. should, ought to ___
ir a + inf. going to ___
necesitar + inf. to need to ___
pensar + inf. to plan to ___
poder + inf. to be able to ___
tener que + inf. to have to ___
querer + inf. to want to ___
saber + inf. to know how to ___
Created by: SraGant