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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Principles of Engineering Technology

Scientist This person asks and answers questions, and discovers new knowledge about how the world works.
Engineer This person is trained and skilled in the design and development of technological solutions to human problems, and uses the knowledge that scientists discover to solve problems and create technologies that satisfy human wants and needs.
Irrigation This is the application of water to crop-producing land through artificial means. This technology was developed by the Egyptians and used to grow food in valleys during dry seasons.
Middle Ages This was a time after the fall of the Roman Empire, and was a slow time for engineering developments.
Microscopy The use of a microscope for investigation. Robert Hooke used this to investigate a previously invisible world led to more fascinating discoveries and new inventions.
Hygrometer This is an instrument used to measure the water vapor content in the air, which is still currently used today.
Channel Tunnel This is an underwater passage from England to France that opened in 1994.
Electricity This is the transfer of energy through the flow of electrons along a conductor. This discovery has been used in thousands of applications that help us in our everyday lives.
Agriculture This is the activity of producing crops or raising animals.
Mechatronics This is the study of the combination of computer engineering, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering.
Created by: JonathanCasteel