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Social Studies

Classical Classical is the meaning of ancient Greek or Latin literature art or culture also lung- established traditional form or style.
Humanism The belief that human needs and values are more important than religious beliefs
Patron a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, activity, or art.
Perspective A way of viewing something.
Renaissance Man Someone with many skills, educated or good in multiple fields of work.
Secular Denoting attitudes, activities or other things that have no other religious or spiritual basis.
Vernacular A language method that they would speak and write. A language that the mother teases that they would speak right daily.
Borgias (family) Beria's is a military leader in 1475 - 1507 who worked with the pop And the Roman Catholic church.
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo is a painter and inventor from the Renaissance.
Medici (family) The Medici family was rich family in Florence whom owned banks and land.
Michelangelo A well known artist that painted and sculpted. He was payed for paint, sculpt, and architect.
Renaissance in the middle ages it was a re birthing after a bunch of battles.
Reformation a movement for the revision of abuse in the Roman Catholic Church ending the protestant churches.
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