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Ch. 7 Study Guide

All of ch. 7 review to practice for upcoming test.

Alexander Hamilton founded the Federalist party (was not liked in the South)
Alien and Sedition Acts 'laws to protect the U.S' Federalists intended them to crush opposition to war. (forbade criticism against Federal Government)
Democratic-Republican Party wanted to limit the federalist gov. (they were mostly farmers)
Electoral College a body of electors who represent the ppl's vote in choosing the president
Federalists wanted strong federal gov. and supported the business industry (they were business people)
George Washington 1st U.S president, a Virginian man, led the Continental Army
In 1790, how did the Americans feel about their new gov.? They had high expectations, wanted improved trade, less restrictions, and a stable economy.
John Adams 2nd president of the U.S (wanted to improve relationship with France
Judiciary Act of 1789 act that created 3 levels of federal courts & defined their power & relationship to state courts
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions documents that argued that the 'Alien & Sedition Acts' were unconstitutional (could not be passed)
Little Turtle Miami chief of the 1790 Native American alliance (defeated U.S forces with guns provided by the British)
Loose Construction federal gov. can take reasonable actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid
Main threat in the Northwest Territories U.S forces defeated by the Native American alliance by Little Turtle
National Bank place where the gov. can safely deposit its money
Precedent an action or decision that later serves as an example
Protective Tariff makes imported goods cost more money
Strict Construction federal gov. should only do what the Constitution specifically says
Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic-Republican party
Whiskey Rebellion farmers who lashed out against tax on whiskey (which they made)
Why did Thomas Jefferson criticize the policy towards France? He viewed the acts as a misuse of government power.
XYZ Affair French demanded a bribe. X,Y,Z stood for the French agents who spoke for the kings bribes.
Created by: IzzyMarie.13