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Quiz 3.1

For Quiz 3.1 on January 11th

What determines the length of a planet's day? Rotation
What determines the length of a planet's year? Revolution
Spinning on an axis is ____ Rotation
Orbit AROUND the sun - Revolution
Causes day and night Rotation
Causes the sun to look like it's rising and setting Rotation
Takes 24 hours Rotation
Takes 365 days Revolution
This, and the Earth's tilt, causes seasons Revolution
States of matter that take the shape or their container - gas and liquid
State of matter with a definite shape - solid
States of matter with definite volumes (volume cannot change, does not expand) - solid and liquid
State of matter with no definite volume (can expand to fill the space) - gas
arrows in a food chain represent - energy being transferred
longer shadows occur in the - morning or evening
shorter shadows occur in the - noon or afternoon
shortest day of the year Decemeber 21st
longest day of the year June 21st
broken rocks are created when - water freezing (ice) and expanding in the cracks of rocks
glaciers change the Earth by creating U-shaped valleys
water deposition creates - deltas
water erosion creates - canyons
shadows are SHORTEST at - noon, 12 PM
sound travels fastest through - solids
Natural sunlight can be reflected by - SNOW, WATER & SAND
Earthquakes can cause - Landslides, fractures in Earth's crust
How are seasons different for the northern and southern hemispheres? Seasons are opposite
The sun seems larger than all other stars because - it is closer to Earth than any other star
What keeps all the planets in orbit around the sun? gravitational pull from the Sun
Created by: mrsnowlin