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Global 10

Have and Have Nots WWI

Trench Warfare The type of combat where soldiers dug trenches that faced one another WWI as a result of industrial weapons No Man's Land Western and Eastern Fronts Allied powers vs, central powers trench foot stalemate
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Heir to the Austrian throne; he was assassinated by members of the Serbian Nationalist group, the Black Hand immediate cause of WWI Gavrilo Princip Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, bringing Russia into War trench warfare militarism nationalism
The Black Hand A Serbian nationalist group; a secret military society who wanted to unite slavic peoples Nationalism- aggressive- terrorist group-Austro Hungarian Empire slavs-Balkan Peninsula Sarajevo, Bosnia Gavrilo Princip Archduke Ferdinand WWI
Triple Alliance An alliance that included Italy, Germany, Austria- Hungary and the Ottoman Empire Central powers War starts as a result of ethnic tensions exploding in the Balkans Sick man of Europe WWI
Triple Entente An alliance between France, Britain, Russia and Serbia; US joins in 1917 fought against Triple alliance during WWI The western and eastern front Imperialism-colonies trench warfare-"no mans land" nationalism- militarism
Total War Is when all of a country's resources benefit the war cause propaganda women go to work in factories WWI and WWII Vietnam-gas Rationing
Western Front The major zone of fighting in WWI the zone was created when Germany invaded Luxemburg and Belgium- the front would eventually make it to France's territory of Alsace- Lorraine Industrialized weapons- maxim machine gun trench warfare "no man's land"
Stalemate A deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other as a result industrial weapons in WWI Trench warfare armistice WWI Western and Eastern Fronts
"No Man's Land" Land between the front lines or trenches of 2 opposing armies WWI Western Front Trench Warfare Industrialized weapons- poisonious gas, Maxim machine guns, tanks
Zionism A movement for the establishment for the Jewish state in Palestine (Ottoman Empire) late 19th cen. Founder- Theodor Herzl Balfour Declaration WWI-WWII "Sick Man of Europe"- Ottoman Empire Holocaust- est of Jewish state in 1948
Militarism Is the competition between/ among societies in building up armaments (weapons) believed that they should maintain a strong military and be prepared to use it. Industrialized- imperialism Long term cause of WWI Alliances- Nationalism Propaganda poster
Balkan Peninsula ( Powder Keg of Europe) The area of Eastern Europe that was highly unstable on the verge of exploding in the early 20th cent. Slavic people- other ethnic groups- ethnic tensions rise of nationalist groups Extreme group- terrorist group The black hand- serbian nationalist group
Slav An Indo-European (Ethno-linguistic) group living in central Europe, Eastern, SE Europe, North and South Asia Slavs are culturally diverse West- Poles, Czechs, Slovaks East- Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainians South- Bosiniaks, Serbs, Croats, Bulgarian
Armistace An agreement to end fighting WWI because of trench warfare and stalemate November 11, 1918- marks end of WWI Korean War-1950's US and North Korea agreed to stop fighting DMZ-demilitarized zone 38 paralell
Treaty of Versailles Treaty that ended WWI- Paris Peace Conference- 1918 Germany was blamed- reparations (Germany) couldn't build an army- leaves a bitter taste leads to WWII League of Nations
Reparations A payment for war damages WWI-responsibility fell on Germany Paris Peace Conference Treaty of Versailles (direct result of WWII) Leads to Fascism- aggressive Nationalism
Paris Peace Conference 1918 was a meeting of allied powers following the end of WWI; peace terms were decided Germany was blamed for the war Allied powers seek economic retribution- reparations from Germany Treaty of Versailles Leads to breakups of German Empire Zionism
League of Nations An international organization est. after WWI with the goal of ending international conflict without war Woodrow Wilson=14 points diplomacy was weak and ineffective
Created by: mbarkley