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BJU Science Chap 5


What is atmosphere? A thin blanket of gases to surround the earth
What is air pressure? The weight of the air
What is the relationship between altitude and air pressure? as altitude increases air pressure decreases
In which layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer found? Mesosphere
What is wind? Moving air
Does a cool air mass have high pressure or low pressure? high pressure
How does a warm front form? a warm air mass moves over a slower cool air mass
Does warm air generally rise or fall? rises
What is precipitation? any type of moisture that falls through the atmosphere to the earth; includes rain, snow, sleet, and hail.
What influences humidity? temperature and air pressure
Describe a cumulus cloud? large, fluffy-looking clouds with flat bottoms
What are some characteristics of a thunderstorm? lighting, thunder, strong winds, heavy rain, sometimes hail
Compare tornado with a hurricane tornadoes form over land, hurricanes form over water tornadoes are small and last a short time - hurricanes are large and last a long time
What is a weather watch? conditions are right for a type of severe weather but that the weather is NOT currently happening.
Why should a Christian be concerned with predicting the weather? it helps protect lives from dangerous weather
What does much of the work of a meteorologist involve? gathering data, or information, about the atmosphere and environment
Created by: NancBradl