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SOL 3 Test Review


How long must you be a legal resident of the United States before you can apply for citizenship? 5 years
How old do you have to be to apply for citizenship? At least 18 years old.
What subjects are on the citizenship test? America history, American government.
What all do you have to be able to do in English to become a United States citizen (3)? Read, write, speak English.
What are the three ways you can become a United States citizen? You were born here, both of your parents are US citizens, naturalization.
List the five First Amendment Freedoms a. Press b. Religion c. Assembly d. Speech e. Petition
What does freedom of assembly mean? You can meet peacefully with other people.
Which Amendment describes citizenship? 14th Amendment.
What is a duty? Something a citizens has to do.
What is a responsibility? Something a citizen should do, but they are not required to.
What happens if you do not do your duties? You will face legal consequences.
What must other citizens do in order for someone to receive a fair trial? Serve on a jury if called to do so.
Is voting a responsibility or duty in the United States? Responsibility.
What should you do if you have a concern about something in your community? Contact a local government official who can help.
What are some examples of things you can do to promote the common good of your community? Recycling, volunteering, tutoring.
As a citizen, you are not required to do responsibilities, but are they good things or bad things? Good things, they are never bad things.
What is it called when each of the three branches of the national government limits the power of the other two branches? Checks and balances.
What is a job of the local government? Establish a police department.
Name three duties of the United States Presidents. a. Appoint Supreme Court justices. b. Commander-in-Chief of the US military. c. Sees that laws passed by Congress are carried out.
Which branch of government passes laws? Congress, Legislative Branch
Which branch of government interprets laws? Judicial.
Created by: skiddmms