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Final Exam

World Civilizations, 10th Grade

Primary Source A diary written by someone during the time of events you are studying
Secondary Source A book (such as a text book) that describes an event after it has happened
An item must be how old or less in order for radiocarbon dating to work? 10,000 years old or less
Define thermoluminescence in your own words. A method used to date artifacts that are 200,000 years old or less
What ended the Neolithic Era? The Bronze Age
How long did the Egyptian Old Kingdom last? 2700-2200 B.C.E.
How long did the Egyptian Middle Kingdom last? 2055-1650 B.C.E.
How long did the Egyptian New Kingdom last? 1550-1070 B.C.E.
What does the term Indo-Europeans mean/refer to? This term refers to a group of people who spoke Persian and Sanskrit
List the 3 crops grown in southern India. Ginger, Pepper, Cinnamon
List the 3 crops grown in northern India. Wheat, Millet, Barley
Define filial piety. The duty of family members to subordinate their needs and desires to those of the male head of the family
What did Legalists believe? Human beings are evil by nature
List the names of the 4 Chinese dynasties in order. (1)Xia, (2)Shang, (3)Zhou, (4)Qin
Define ostracism. A practice of banning one from Athens of 10 years if their name was written on a piece of pottery by 6,000 members
Who was Eratosthenes? An a ancient Greek astronomer
What was Eratosthenes famous for? Discovering that the Earth was round and computing its circumference (24,675 miles)
Who was Archimedes? A famous Greek scientist
What was Archimedes known for? Working on the geometry of spheres and cylinders and establishing the value of pi
Created by: NEONviper02