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Stufflet Unit 7

Unit 7 APUSH

Manifest Destiny term that implied it was America’s “obvious” destiny to take over the ENTIRE continent to the Pacific
Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842 treaty between US and Great Britain that settled border disputes between Maine and Canada and Minnesota and Canada
Steven Austin started American migration to Texas; led 300 families from MO to TX
Sam Houston led Texas' revolt against Mexico and declared Texas an independent republic in 1836; 1st president of Texas
Santa Anna Mexican dictator that sought to enforce Mexican laws in Texas; defeated by Texans in their war for independence
Alamo March 1836; Mexicans defeated Texans here led by Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William Travis; all Texan males killed
Battle of San Jacinto final battle in Texas War for Independence; Texans defeat Mexicans in 18 minutes
“Fifty-four forty or fight” campaign slogan of Polk in 1844 election; referred to border Americans wanted between Oregon and British Canada
Zachary Taylor American general ordered by President Polk into disputed territory with Mexico; later became President
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Mexican Cession) 1848 treaty that ended Mexican-American War; Mexico recognized Rio Grande as Texas border, US received Mexican Cession, US paid Mexico $15 million
Wilmot Proviso Proposal at beginning of Mexican-American War by David Wilmot of PA that said Slavery should be forbidden in new territories acquired from Mexico in war
Gadsden Purchase US purchase of portions of Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico in 1853 under Franklin Pierce for $10 million (to build railroad)
Ostend Manifesto 1852 attempt by Franklin Pierce to buy Cuba from Spain in order to expand slavery in south
Walker Expedition 1855 resulted in takeover of Nicaragua by leader of expedition; attempt to expand slavery; leader was executed by central Americans
“Seward’s Folly”/ “Seward’s Icebox” derogatory term that refers to purchase of Alaska in 1867 from Russia
Mexican-American War war started by Polk over the Texas border in 1846; resulted in Mexican Cession and extended Texan border
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