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Elections and political parties #2

What is the Electoral College? The group that officially elects the President and Vice President.
What has rising campaign costs led to? Campaign finance laws.
How many days before an election does registration close? 22 days.
What lists what a party believes? Party platform.
What are the individual parts of a party's platform called? Planks.
What are the three factors used for predicting which citizens will vote? Education, age and income.
What does a state's congressional representation determine? the number of electoral votes a state gets.
The Electoral process favors what type of party system? two-party system.
What is a major influence third parties have? introduce new ideas.
What group do both political parties want to appeal to? Political center.
Name the three requirements to vote in the state of Virginia. Must be at least 18, must be a citizen of the US, must be a resident of Virginia and a precinct.
Name the four functions of political parties. recruiting and nominating candidates, educating the electorate about issues, helping candidates win elections, monitoring actions of officeholders.
What is the role of the media in elections (4)? Identify candidates, emphasize selected issues, write news stories, broadcast different points of view.
List some effective ways to evaluate campaign advertisements (4). separate fact from opinion, detect bias, evaluate sources, identify propaganda.
What are the similarities between political parties (4)? organized to win elections, influence public policy, reflect both liberal and conservative views, appealing to political center.
Created by: skiddmms