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Word Skills Lesson 1

Word Skills Lesson 1 Test

_______________________________ is the use of computer software to enter and edit text. Word Processing
When using ____________________________ software such as Word, you can easily create and edit documents, such as reports. Word Processing
To start Word, click the Start button on the taskbar. Click all programs on the Start menu, click ___________________________ on the submenu, and then click Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office
The _______________displays information about the current document and process. Status Bar
The __________________________ contains buttons (icons) for three common commands, and you can add additional Toolbar buttons to it. Quick Access Toolbar
The text appears in the document window at the _______ when you enter text in a new document. Insertion Point
Pressing the ____ key deletes the character to the left of the insertion point. Backspace
You can create a new folder in your device menu, or from the _______ dialog box. Save As
In you worked on a document recently, you can click the Office Button, and then click the name of the document in the list of __________ on the right side of the menu. Recent Documents
You can use the ____ feature to magnify and reduce your document on the screen. Zoom
The ____ shows where text will appear when you begin typing. Insertion Point
_______ view simulates the way a document will look when it is viewed as a Web page. Web layout
_______ view replaces the Ribbon by a small bar called a toolbar that contains only a few relevant commands. Full Screen Reading
Press the Keyboard shortcut _____ to go to the beginning of the next word. Ctrl + Right arrow
Press the Keyboard shortcut _____ to go to the beginning of the line. Home
The __________ command enables you to look at a document as it will appear when printed. Print Preview
Most documents are printed in ____ orientation. portrait
At any time, you can print _____________________ from a document on the screen. A full document, a single page, or multiple pages.
To close the document without exiting Word, click the Office Button, and then click _______. Close
The key elements of the screen in Print Layout view are the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, insertion point, status bar, view buttons, and ________. Zoom slider.
The _____ buttons allow you to change views quickly. view
Created by: mrsashleyibca