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UNIT 3: Spanish & French Explorers

Cortes conquered the great Aztecs
Montezuma ruled the Aztec Indians
de Soto first Spanish explorer on the Mississippi River; traveled through present day Alabama
Magellan Portuguese sea captain who was the first person to circumnavigate the Earth
Cabot an Italian merchant who searched for the Northwest Passage
Cartier Jesuit navigator who won many Indians to Christ
Champlain founded Quebec
Hudson has a bay and a river named after him
Ponce de Leon named Florida; searched for the Fountain of Youth
Coronado searched for the legendary "Seven Cities of Gold"
martyr a person who is killed for his/her beliefs (often because of their religious beliefs)
mutiny resistance or a revolt against authority; open rebellion
colony a settlement established far from the country that rules it
presidio fort or military town occupied by the Spanish
ally a person, group, or nation that sides with another in a dispute
barter the trading of goods without using money
conquer to take over by force
missionary a person who works to win people over to a particular religion
patroon powerful Dutch landowners who were harsh
Indians were sometimes made to work against their will at the missions
Strait of Magellan a water passageway discovered by Magellan that goes through the southern tip of South America; connects the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
Spain country that dominated Central and South America after Columbus' voyages
What powerful Indian group ruled over the other Indians in Mexico? Aztecs
What was the Northwest Passage? A shorter water route to Asia to the north of North America
What were the four reasons Cortes was able to defeat the Aztecs? (1)Aztecs thought Cortes was a god (2)Spaniards had guns, horses, cannons (3)Montezuma & his Aztec tribe had many enemies that joined Cortes (4)Cortes' men left smallpox behind which weakened and killed many of the Aztecs
What disease did Cartier's men get and how was it cured? They got scurvy. The Indians made a curing drink by boiling the bark of an evergreen tree & they gave it to Cartier's men to drink.
What items did the French and Indians trade? French traded guns, knives, metal pots, beads, & cloth. Indians traded furs & animal skins.
What was Coronado searching for? the legendary "Seven Cities of Gold"
Why did Ponce de Leon sail to Florida? He was searching for gold and the Fountain of Youth.
Name the two martyrs we read about in Chapter 3 of The Light and the Glory. How did they live according to Philippians 2:1-4? Father de Brebeuf and Father Jogues (The second question has several acceptable answers. You should be prepared to give one or two statements to support your answer.) See TLTG Chp 3 for help. :)
Why did God choose monks to spread His light into the dark land of the New World? See TLTG Chp 3
Compare Father Jogues with Christopher Columbus. How were they alike? How were they different? See TLTG Chp 3
Created by: pcsteacher5