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Study Norwegian 6

To study the norwegian language, stack number 6 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
One Én Én has a rare ´.
Two To To is two without a w.
Three Tre If you add an e to tre you get tree.
Four Fire Fire is a word in both languages, but it does not mean the same thing.
Five Fem Each hand has five fingers.
Six Seks FM has F in it, which if you assigned a number to every letter in the English/Norwegian Alphabet, F would be 6.
Seven Sju 7 is usually considered a lucky number in western culture.
Eight Åtte Åtte is the only digit with an å.
Nine Ni Ni is the first half of nine.
Ten Ti Ten is the first natural number integer.
Write Skriver Writing is important, specially for paper based homework (lekser).
Read Leser Reading is important in life.
Homework Lekser Homework is usually given in school, although it may be given by someone else.
Bread Brød There are many types of bread.
Color Farge There are many color around you.
My Mitt Mitt is a noun in English, but means my, mine in Norwegian. Mitt also means mine.
Your Ditt D is used for emoticons, such as :D. Not to be confused with your (plural). This is your (singular).
Is Står If with out the overhand ring, it would be star.
Chair Stol Chairman contains chair in it.
On It is å, but with an added p at the begining. Can also mean at, in.
Bed Seng Where you sleep in usually.
One's Sitt Sitt is sit with an extra t.
His Hans Hans is Han with an s.
Theirs Si Si is a word in Spanish.
Hers Hennes Is very different from hun.
Zero Null There is a location on Planet Earth, at 0°N 0°E, that is called Null Island (the only thing there is a buoy).
Created by: Nitrogen7