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Sample Questions

Written questions

The clients call light should always be placed within the clients reach
Which of the following items is used in the prevention and treatment of bedsores of pressure sores air mattress
When caring for a dying client, the nurse aide should allow client to express his feelings
What does the abbreviation ADL mean Activities of Daily Living
What is the term for a device used to take the place of a missing body part? Prosthesis
When a client has left sided weakness, what part of a sweater is put on first? Left Sleeve
It is appropriate for a nurse aide to share the information regarding a client's status with? The staff on the next shift
When helping a client who is recovering from a stroke to walk, the nurse aide should assist: on the client's weak side
The nurse aide is caring for a client who is agitated. The nurse aide should? Talk in a slow, calm, reassuring manner
The purpose for padding side rails on the client's bed is to: protect the client from injury
Exercises that move each muscle and joint are called: range of motion
How can the nurse aide best help a client who is not accepting a loss? Encourage the client to talk.
The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust) is used for a client who has: a blocked airway
To Best communicate with a client who is totally deaf, the nurse aide should write out information
The nurse aide is asked by a confused client what day it is. The nurse aide should point to the date on a calendar and say the date
To avoid pulling the catheter when turning a male client, the catheter tube must be taped to the clients upper thigh
A nurse aide can assist clients with their spiritual needs by: allowing clients to the nurse aide's church
A nurse aide must wear gloves when doing peri-care
When getting ready to dress a client, the nurse aide should: give the client a choice of what to wear
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