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WD Project 3

Project 3 Creating Web Pages with Links, Images & Formatted Text

Hyperlinks Can be text, graphics, and animations
Pointing Hand What the mouse pointer changes to when you move it over a link
Blue Color of normal link that has not been clicked
Path Folder location where files can be found
Home Page Identifies the purpose of the Web site
JPEG format Used for images; supports more color resolutions than GIF or PNG
Left The default alignment for headings
Six Number of color code that the color attributes accepts
7 Number of font sizes
Anchor tag Used to create anchors for links to another page in the same Web site or an external Web site
Target A named location in the same file
<b></b> Displays text as bold
<i></i> Displays text as italicized
hspace and vspace control the horizontal and vertical space around an image
Thumbnail A smaller version of an image itself
# Symbol that is used to create a link to a link target by using an <a>tag
To top Quickly moves the visitor back to the top of the Web page
Verify Make sure the links on a Web page connect tot he the appropriate Web page or link target
Resize To make a smaller version of an image
Difficult to read Pages with too much bolding or italicizing may be this
Created by: ParrisNHS