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History 03

Ancient Middle East

Bedouins -Arabs who wander from place to place with their herds. -Nomads of the Arabian Peninsula.
Phoenicians most important contribution was an alphabet
Hittites among the first to build an empire
Lydia first minted coins
Hebrews the descendants of Abraham
Canaanites were so wicked that they had no time for great accomplishments
Nineveh capital city of Assyria
Jonah sent by God to war the people of Nineveh
Hammurabi leader of the Babylonian Empire who gathered the laws of the land and put them in order
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon among the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World"
Daniel the prophet who had great influence on the Babylonian Empire
Australia largest continent that does NOT meet at the Middle East
millstones used for grinding grain in ancient times
done by the people of the Middle East after the noon meal rested
purple dye made by the Phoenicians from murex
Carthage important Phoenician trading post in northern Africa
emperor powerful person who controls an empire
Croesus -last king of Lydia -famous for his wealth
the first three kings of Israel Saul, David, Solomon
Assyria Powerful empire in northern Mesopotamia
Babylonians conquered and captured the Southern Kingdom of Judah
minting process of making coins
caravan a group of people traveling together with pack animals
barter trade conducted by giving goods for other goods
Jordan River important river in Israel
Baal chief god of the Canaanites
Nebuchadnezzar Babylonian king who took Daniel captive to Babylon
Cyrus king who allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple
Greeks eventually conquered the Persians
Dead Sea lowest place on the earth's land surface
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