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Science Vocab

List 2

Root WordMeaning Example Words
carni meat carnivorous- flesh eating; carnal- pertaining to the body or flesh
cent/i hundred centimeter- 1/100 of a meter; century- 100 years; centennial- the 100th anniversary
centro/i center egocentric- self-centered; centrifuge- machine that spins samples around a center; eccentric- not having a common center
cephal/o head cephalopod- marine mollusk like an octopus that have tentacles growing from their head
cide, cise cut, kill homicide- murder; insecticide- a chemical used to kill insects; pesticide- a chemical to kill pests
circum around, about circumnavigate- to circle around the world, circumference- the enclosing boundary of a circle
co joint, together coauthor- writer who collaborates with another author; coworker- worker who works with you
de reduce, down, away decelerate- to slow down; dethrone- to remove from power; debug- to remove bugs
dec/a ten decade- 10 years, decathlon- athletic contest that includes 10 disciplines; December- 10th month of the year
dem/o people democracy- government of the people; demographic the study of the people
derma/o skin dermatologist- a doctor for the skin; epidermis- top layer of the skin
dent/dont tooth dentist- a doctor that studies teeth; orthodontist- a doctor that straightens teeth
du/o two, twice duplicate- make an identical copy; duet- musical composition of two people; duo- a pair
dys bad, abnormal dyslexia- impairment of the ability to handle words; dysfunctional- inability to function correctly
cardi/o heart cardiac -relating to the heart; cardiologist- a heart doctor
Created by: Oliviab1.3