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Music 1960"s

Review of Section II pages 41-71

My Fair Lady Successful 1956 Broadway Musical
television device 90% of Americans owned by the early 1960's
Richard Nixon Kennedy's opponent in 1960
Alan Jay Lerner Broadway Lyricist; Kennedy's Harvard classmate
Camelot Musical that opened just after Kennedy became president
Sound of Music Winner of the 1960 Tony award for Best Musical
West Side Story 1957 musical with shifting melodic structure and complex rhythms; combined jazz and classical music
Bye, Bye, Birdie 1960 musical that marked a shift to youth culture and used the electric guitar
Golden Age Rodgers and Hammerstein era of Broadway
Oscar Hammerstein Broadway librettist; killed by stomach cancer
AM Radio primary medium for publicizing music in the 1950's
Billboard organization that measured pop music sales
disc jockeys people who controlled radio play of songs
Connie Francis top female pop vocalist in the 1950s
five maximum length of most songs in minutes
Frankie Avalon more traditional rock-and-roll artist
six times per ay that popular songs could be played
top 40 lists method of standardizing radio playlists
Dylan Thomas Welsh poet who died tragically and Robert Zimmerman took his stage name
Columbia Records Bob Dylan's record label
"Don't think twice, It's All Right" song on Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Freewheeling Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's second album
Greenwich Village place at which Bob Dylan first became famous
John Hammond talent scout who discovered Bob Dylan
Monterey location of Bob Dylan's May 1963 Folk concert
Newport site of Bob Dylan's performance "Blowing in the Wind" with Joan Baez and Peter, Paul, and Mary
Peter, Paul, and Mary band for whom Bob Dylan wrote songs
"The Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues" Bob Dylan song that CBS banned from broadcasts; Ed Sullivan show wanted to censor the song
"The Times The Are A-Changin'" 1963 Dylan song warning of a "battle outside" JFK was assassinated soon after the release of this song
Robert Zimmerman birth name of Bob Dylan
"We Shall Overcome" Bob Dylan's civil rights anthem
Woody Guthrie folk musician bob Dylan discovered during college
John Lennon original member of the Beatles
Paul McCartney original member of the Beatles
George Harrison McCartney's friend, joined the band in 1958
Buddy Holly and the Crickets inspired the band name for the Beatles
Brian Eptstein Beatles first manager
Pete Best Beatles' original drummer
Richard Starkley given name of Ringo Star; Beatles drummer
George Martin Worked at EMI labels and helped make the Beatles famous
Alexander Kendrick London CBS bureau chief, interviewed the Beatles
Walter Cronkite CBS News journalist the Beatles were scheduled to meet; however, the assassination of JFK became more important news coverage
Edwin Newman London journalist who dismissed Beatle mania; was not into the Beatles
Created by: droesener