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Study norwegian 5

To study the norwegian language, stack number 5 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Laugh Ler Laugh means you think its funny.
Cry Gråter Cry is associated with sadness, but it can also mean happiness.
Smell Lukter Lukter looks like it has Luke in there, but to get Luke you have to remove t, & r.
Listen Lytter Listen and lytter starts with a l.
Mean Betyr The only letter that mean and betyr has in common is e.
Sleeping Sover Sleeping & Sover starts with s
Raining Regner Both words start with r.
Chooses Velger They are two different words.
Driving Kjører Ikke drikk og kjører! (Don’t drink and drive!)
Finds Finner You might have found this stack, if I didn’t tell you it’s name, & where to search for it.
North Nord The north star points to true north. Compass letter is (N).
East Øst Øst is the only direction that starts with ø. Compass letter is (Ø).
South Sør South Carolina in norwegian is Sør-Carolina. Compass letter is (S).
West Vest West & Vest are the same word, except the W is replaced with V. Compass letter is (V).
One Man Man is a word in both languages, but they do not mean the same thing. Can also mean you (generic). One in this study stack refers to generic purposes, not the number.
Uses Bruker Stuff can be used for something that is not its intended purpose.
Supports Støtter Supporting someone could mean the difference between success & failure.
Need Trenger Jeg Trenger Hjelp! (I need help!) Is used to tell you need help.
Sing Synger There is a movie called Sing.
Doing Gjør These two words have no letters in common.
Work Arbeider To win money, you need to work.
Pay Betaler To get things, you usually need to pay for them.
Buy Kjøp You usually will need to buy things to get things.
Sell Selge You get money by selling, but you lose ownership of the item.
Showing Viser You show things when you want to let others see it.
Smile Smiler Smiler is smile with a r at the end.
Created by: Nitrogen7