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Geri unit two

internal safety risk factors include decreased night vision decreased range of peripheral vision depth perception visual acuity taste and smell
physiologic changes balance mobility flexibility slowed reaction time decreased muscle strength
what is the leading cause of accidental deaths in people over the age of 65 falls
common safety concerns for older people falls good safety fires home security choking driving thermal regulation
risk factors for these safety concerns gait meds 👇 activity loss of special senses dizziness,balance, reaction time weakness
what is the best indicator for a future fall? previous fall
falls prevention techniques include non skid bath mat/slippers night lights grab bars same furniture arrangement clear pathways items in reach ask for help
medication classes that increase risk for falls narcotics, sedative, diabetes meds, antihistamine, antihypertensive, laxative
how many people that call die within a year? 1/4
what can the facility do to help prevent falls orient patient assess gait drug regimen and side effects bed locked and low toilet patient call light within reach and answer non skid slippers and night light high fall rush near nurses station wheelchair brakes on assistive devises
alcohol does what to medication? intensify effect
what is the most common external risk factors in elderly smoking related. Fire hazard
external risk factors include fire,home security,vehicle, thermoregulation,
what do you do for a lichen fire? throw baking soda or salt on it. NOT FLOUR
signs and symptoms of hypothermia confusion, 👇respiratory and heart rate cool skin temp👇 muscle stiffness, tremors altered coordination pallor
hyperthermia early signs: gradually, feeling warm, cramps, lythless late signs: tachycardia, chest pain, dyspnea, nausea vomiting diarrhea, no swetting, mental change
what is an indicator for heat stroke temp 104 or higher chest pain, dyspnea, dizziness, HA
what are some nursing interventions for risk of injury fall risk assessment modify environment to reduce risks recruit assistance from family/ friends
food safety you wash utensils,surfaces, hands, fruits and veggies but not meat or eggs
food saftey seperate cutting boards and plates for meat eggs meat and eggs from other food in fridge
bacteria that causes food poisoning multiply quickest at what temp? 40-140
definition of constipation hard dry stools that are difficult to pass
you should poop how often every 1-2 days
when should you take a person to the bathroom? 30 min after a meal and first thing in am with a warm beverage
when do you feel the urge to urinate? when bladder fills with 300 mL
most adults void how many times a day 6-10
when gastrocolic and defication reflexes stimulate it is called peristalsis
how much fibers do you need a day? 20-30g
refinned and processed foods cause constipation so can white rice and bananas
what is in sugar free ice cream that might make someone poop sirbitol
what can lead to suppression or even extinction of the defication reflex? by repeatedly ignoring it
what is the presence of hardened feces that is trapped in rectum and cannot be expelled? result of unrelieved constipation fecal impaction
what is the cause of diarrhea? when stools pass through large intestine too quickly
what is the difference between flu and bug respiratory and stomach
are most common in those who are unable to respond to normal sensations and less frequently in rectal disorders bowel incontinence
what amount stays in the bladder after voiding? no more than 50mL
what is urinary retention abnormal accumulation of urine in the bladder, unable to empty completely
what are some causes for urinary retention 👇muscle tone in bladder 👇fluid intake prostate gland enlarged trauma neurological damage meds anxiety
severe urinary retention causes bladder destention
symptoms of urinary retention felling of fullness,discomfort,tenderness, restless and diaphoresis
urinary retention treatments sitz bath surgery
is urinary incontinence a normal aging process NO
4 types of incontinence Stress- sneezing, exercise, laughing Urge- spasms from things like coffee,UTI,Dementia,prostate enlargement Overflow- Leakage from overly full bladder Functional- can't get to RR in time
agility the ability to move quickly and smoothly
dexterity ability to perform fine manipulative skills
when planning exercise talk to physician and physical therapist first
aerobics help what body systems? respiratory and cardiovascular
resistance training helps with what muscle building
weight bearing helps with maintaining bone structure
what is the primary coordinating system of body for physical activity? nervous system
when a patient has problems with oxygenation assess vitals... before, during and after exercise
what is it called when a medication has the opposite effect? paradoxical effect
20-65 year olds usually have what amount of sleep 7.5 and 70+ adults have 1.5 less
hormones in the elderly associated with sleep change growth hormone and serotonin decrease
how many older adults report sleep disturbance 1/2
sleep controlled by CNS norepinephrine, seratonin, melatonin, cortisol, growth hormone
pre sleep increases relaxation and drowsiness, 10-30 min
stages of sleep cycle 1. lightest level of sleep 2. can easily awaken but know you were sleeping 3. vitals decrease, deep sleep 4. deepest sleep, difficult to arouse. sleepwalking 5. Rapid Eye movement. 👆 gastric secreations
insomnia is difficulty sleeping 1. falling asleep 2. staying asleep 3. waking up early
what is cognitive behavioral therapy? replaces bad thoughts towards sleeping with good. start from ties and work your way up.
what are some alternative insomnia therapies? Valeria root, chamomille, melatonin, acupuncture, meditation/yoga exercise
substances that contribute to sleep disturbance caffine, alcohol, xanthine,decongestant,hormones,diuretics, neuroleptics,antidepressants,antihypertensives,antihistamine,anticholinergics,benzodiapines
sleep apnea risk increases with age
common people to have sleep apnea men, obesity, hypertension, diabetes
what are some potential complications for people with sleep apnea? hypertension, myocardial infarction, CVA
treatment for sleep apnea mechanical oral or dental devices continuous positive airway pressure CPAP surgery
REM sleep behavior disorder muscle activity abnormal in REM may proceed into dementia or Parkinson's long acting benzodiazepines for treatment ages 60-70 comon
Created by: KesleyNRTC