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Unit 1 Science

Atmosphere Study Guide/Herring Science/ 81B

What would happen if we took one step out of the water cycle? It would be messed up
Which process in the water cycle causes erosion? Run off
Draw label and describe the water cycle LOOK IN NOTES IN PINK BINDER AND DRAW IT ON NOTEBOOK PAPER
When is rain most likely to occur? Stratus Clouds
Where does most of the moisture entering the atmosphere through evaporation come from? Water vapor
What does a stratus cloud look like? Spread out layer upon layer covering a large area
What does a cummulus cloud look like? Puffy with flat bottoms
What does a cirrus cloud look like? Wispy
What step of the water cycle forms clouds? Condensation
What happens to the air as you go higher into the atmosphere? It gets colder
What instrument measures wind speed? Anemometer
What does a barometer measures? Air pressure
The temperature of the air is measured with what instrument? Thermometer
What does a phychrometer measure? Humidity
What source of energy heats the earth? The sun
Does land or water heat up the quickest and why? Land because it absorbs more heat
How does solar energy affect the earth's land and water? Extra Solar Energy from the sun is absorbed and heats the land and water.
Why does air have pressure? Because gravity pulls it.
What are the layers of the atmosphere? Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere
What happens to the temperature in the atmosphere? The higher you go the colder the temperature gets
In what layer is weather happening? Troposphere
In what layer is the ozone? Stratosphere
The atmosphere is classified according to changes in what? Temperature
What are the 2 most abundant gases in the atmosphere? Nitrogen and Oxygen
Aurora borealis occurs in which layer? Thermosphere
What is the important function of earths atmosphere? The Ozone
What is an independent variable, dependent variable, control variable, Quantitative observation and a qualitative observation? Independent variable- changed or controlled in a scientific experiment. Dependent Variable:tested and measured in a scientific experiment. Control variable: does not change through a scientific experiment. Quantitative observation: observations that use #
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