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Powell SS 1NW

1st 9W SS Review

A natural feature of Earth's surface Landforms
The breaking down of Earth's surface Weathering
A sphere that looks like Earth Globe
An item used to tell direction Compass
100 Years Century
10 Years Decade
Things made naturally from the land Natural Resources
The woman who helped start the Red Cross Clara Barton
A map with squares on it to show coordinates Grid
A part of a map that tells you the size Scale
An engineer who helped build the streets of Washington Pierre L'enfant
street lights, parks, and police offices Local Services Provided
A fee payed to the government to help pay for things. About 0.08 cents per dollar. Taxes
An important document that states our rights as citizens The Bill of Rights
7 men who founded, or started, the United States. These men also helped write the Constitution The Founding Fathers
Someone who gets voted for is Elected
A document that states America should be free and equal, make their own laws, and care for its people. The Declaration of Independence
Judicial, Legislative, Executive The Three Branches
The Executive leader of the Local Governement Mayor
A person who follows the law, votes, and helps the community. A Good Citizen
This person came to America in 1492 and was the reason people started to form communities here. Christopher Columbus
Created by: taylor.powell