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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Myths Traditional stories about gods and heros
Ritual an action that is part of a religious ceremony
Oracle a sacred shrine where a priest or priestess spoke for a god
Fable a short tale that teaches a lesson
Oral Tradition stories were passed from generation to generation by word of mouth
Drama a story told mainly through the words and actions of a cast of characters
Tragedy the main character struggles to overcome hardships but does not succeed
Comedy the story ends happily
Sophists a group of philosophers who traveled from polis to polis
Rhetoric the art of public speaking and debate
Socratic Method Socrates created a new way of questioning
Hippocratic Oath a list of rules about how doctors should use their skills to help patients
Cavalry soldiers on horseback
Hellenistic Era when Greek culture spread to the non-Greek peoples that Alexander had conquered.
Created by: 24norahblecher