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Study norwegian 4

To study the norwegian language, stack number 4 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Them Dem Them & Dem are the same expect the th is replaced with d.
Us Oss Us looks like oss.
Sugar Sukker Sugar & sukker start with s.
Island Øy Øy begins with ø.
Lemon Sitron Lemon and sitron both end with on.
Bread Brød Brød is one of two words that make up smørbrød.
Open Sandwich Smørbrød Smørbrød is made of two words, smør and brød, it is a compound word.
The -et It can also be represented by -en or -a.
Village Bygd Y is a vowel in Norwegian language.
Butter Smør Smør is one of the two words that make up smørbrød.
Pasta Pasta Pasta is same word in Norwegian and English.
Letter Brev The letter you write and send, not the letter in a language.
Newspaper Avis Avis is a car rental company.
Book Bok It is important to read books every day.
Orange Appelsin Appelsin frukten, ikke oransje, fargen . (Orange, the fruit, not orange the color.)
Tomato Tomat Tomato and tomat are similar, but tomat doesn't have the o in it.
Read Leser Leser looks like lesker.
Ice Cream Iskrem Ice cream & Iskrem start with i.
-s -er It might vary in other words. The -s is usually used.
Who Hvem Instead of the Ws, it is the Hs.
What Hva Similar to hvem.
Horse Hest Horse and hest are different, but are similar.
Several Flere Several and Flere are very different.
Teacher Lærer Teachers are important in every country.
Many Mange Mange & many start with m.
Like Liker Liker is like but add an r.
Some Noen Noen and some only have 1 letter in common. Can also mean any.
Vegetables Grønnsak Grønnsak have grønn in it.
You Dere In Norwegian you singular and you plural are two different words. Dere means plural.
Created by: Nitrogen7