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ordinary a

Pagpanguyab kay dili sayon courtship is not easy
Labi na kung ikaw mauton even more if you are ugly
Ilaha lang ka palaumon dayon pakyason you just hope to enter and get frustrated
Mas nindot jud ning gwapo ta nicer if we are good looking
Kay daghan babae madala because many girls like them
Itsura pa lang gukdonun na og dalaga their looks are chased by single ladies
Kanang babae na pilian choosy ladies
Angay lang jud sila magaba-an they deserve karma
Kay ilaha lang palaumon because they will just give you hope
Kaming mga lalaki mauton we guys who are ugly
Malipay ba mo are you happy
Malipay ba mo are you happy
Ma dalaga mong tigulang… you going to be an old maid
Kami intawon mga mauton poor us ugly people
Magmentiner na lang og bayuton there is no choice so we go to a little bit bayut
Bintaha ning bayot kay walay pillion better this gay because they are not choosy
Sa dihang magdulog na mi the moment we sleep together
Emaginon na lang na babae I imagine that they are girls
Emaginon na lang, pag ka walay swerti I will only imagine I’m so unlucky
Ang kuyaw la’g makatunong scary you settle
Sa bayot na masakiton sick gay
Igo lang ka nyang gamiton he will only just use you
Dayun siya diay masakiton only to know he is sick
Malipay ba mo are you happy
Malipay ba mo are you happy
Ma dalaga mong tigulang… old maid -- you are going to be
Lahi na ang mga babae from now girls are different now
Mameli na sila’g gwapohun they are going to choose the almost handsome
Kami intawon mga mauton pity us ugly people
igo lang palawayon.. only just druling
Created by: dave_d00