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Fundies 1 Finnal

Erik Eriksons created what theory theory of psychosocial development
what are the stages of Erikson's theory? Infant (0-1.5) Toddler (1.5-3) Preschool (3-5) School Age (5-12) Adolescence (12-18) Young Adult (18-40) Mid Adult (40-65) Late adult (65+)
Infant positive vs negative trust vs. mistrust
Toddler Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt
Preschool Initiative vs. guilt
School age Industry vs. Inferiority
Adolescence Identity vs. Confusion
Young Adult Intimacy vs. isolation
Mid Adulthood Generativity vs. Stagnation
Late Adulthood Ego Integrity vs. Despair
types of families nuclear- mom dad family extended- + grandparents, cousins etc. Single parent blended foster/adoptive partner/same gender cohabitate- not married but have family
defined as directed purposeful mental activity by which ideas are constructed Critical Thinking
complications from incorrect positioning of a patient bed sores
average adult temp 98.6 +- 1
moisture causing skin break down maceration
when skin turns white from adding pressure to it blanch
slough produced by injury eschar
NPO nothing per mouth
different types of positions Fowler 60-90º Semi Fowlers 30-60º low Fowlers 15-30º Dorsal Recumbent - supine with knees flexed and feet on bed. (catheter) Dorsal lobotomy- feet in stirrups (pelvic) Oblique Side lying Sims knee chest position Prone- face down
why would you log till a patient? spinal injury
what is the body's first line of defense skin
what do Muslims practice? the can't eat pork
what are restraints now called protective devices
this is what you have a parent do before standing up to prevent orthostatic hypotension dangle
what environmental factors did flourance nightingale inspire temperature, ventilation, humidity, lighting, odor, noise, privacy
what is it called when a patient is isolated to a room for their protection protective isolations
what is a humidifier used for? used to moisten respiratory system
what is a word meaning from head to toe cephlocaudal
what does it mean to develop from the center out to the limbs? proximodistal
what are steps taken in every care setting standard precautions
noise in a hospital setting is caused mainly by staff
RACE Rescue, activate, contain, extinguish
who are at highest risk for ulcera imoble
what are vectors bugs that transfer disease
ISBARR Introduction, situation, background, asessment, recomendation,repeat
what does it mean when two people agree? they are congruent
how do you establish repore?
what are the different levels of promotion? primary secondary screenings tertiary
skin contains skin, hair, nails, sweat/sebaceous glands
what are four functions of the skin? protection, sensation, temperature regulation and excretion/secreation
what theory did Piage develope? cognitive development
what did kolburg's theory consist of? moral developement
Airborne precautions standard precautions label door private room N95 mask negative pressure airflow 6/he door closed at all times (chicken pox,tb)
droplet precautions standard precautions label door private or cohort room surgical mask within 3 ft of pt. outside pt must wear surg mask (pnemonia, flu, whooping cough)
contact precautions standard label door private or cohort room gown and gloves (staff)
protective isolation immunocompromized or. gown gloves mask door closed at a'll times
stage one pressure injury redened skin that does not blanch
stage two pressure ulcer partial thickness skin loss may look like blister, abrasion, or shallow crater.
stage 3 pressure ulcer full thickness skin loss. deep crater, extends into facia, subcutaneous tissue damaged or neurotic
stage 4 ulcer full thickness. tissue neurotic to muscle or supporting structure. dry, black. slaugh
unstable ulcer covered with eschar
Created by: KesleyNRTC