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8 History Chap 2

History Chapter 2 Test - 8th grade

T/F: The English prohibited Roman Catholics from migrating to the American Colonies False
T/F: Proprietary colonies were under the direct control of the King False
T/F: Joint stock companies provided a means for raising money to support a new colony True
T/F: The settlement of Connecticut arose out of controversy with Massachusetts False
T/F: The Dutch founded Delaware False
T/F: The Pilgrims did not land in the area where they had obtained permission to settle True
T/F: Mercantilism was the economic system of Europe during the 1600s and 1700s True
T/F: The Puritans demanded a strict separation of church and state matters False
T/F: The Pilgrims were Puritans False
T/F: Both Roman Catholics and Protestants settled Maryland True
Most of its colonies were originally charter colonies New England Colonies
These colonies had original settlements by the Dutch and the Swedes Middle Colonies
One of its colonies was founded for Roman Catholics Southern Colonies
Governor who wanted his colony to be "a city upon a hill" John Winthrop
Man who determined to build a colony that practiced separation of church and state Roger Williams
An English general who wanted to help debtors James Oglethorpe
a "Friend" who accepted a colony as payment of a debt William Penn
Was heavily populated during the "Great Migration" Massachusetts
Passed an Act of Toleration guaranteeing religious freedom Maryland
Had Savannah as its first settlement Georgia
What was the primary motive for the colonial settlement of New England religious freedom
What is another name for the Society of Friends Quakers
What kind of colony was supervised directly by the king Royal colony
In what year did the Pilgrims reach America 1620
To what religious group did the Pilgrims belong Separatists
What document is generally regarded as the first written constitution drawn up in America Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What was the name of the Dutch colony that was later called New York New Netherland
What was the name for those who received large grants of land in the Dutch colony patroons
List the three cash crops important to the Carolina colonies tobacco, indigo, rice
Which colonial city became the leading center of government and culture among the southern colonies Williamsburg
Delaware was different from the other English colonies in that it was first settled by the Swedes
All of the following persons contributed to the success of Plymouth Colony except: William Bradford, Pocahontas, Squanto, Miles Standish Pocahontas
Joint stock companies were used to form which type of colonies charter colonies
Roger Williams did not believe that church should control government
Which colony was settled by people from Massachusetts Bay who wanted more land Connecticut
William Penn was a Quaker
Which Lord Baltimore established a colony for Roman Catholics Cecilius Calvert
Who received land of the former Dutch colony of New Netherland from the King of England James Duke of York
Created by: k4tyde