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Science Chapter 2

Science Chapter 2 Test Study Guide

Matter is not everything in the universe
What is NOT an example of nonmatter air
Atoms can bond to form molecules
What does NOT provide support for the kinetic-molecular model of matter a lump of sugar can be broken into smaller lumps with a mortar and pestle
Which part of an atom makes up most of its mass nucleus
Which part of an atom makes up most of its volume electron cloud
Which is the best example of an inorganic material granite
Which of the following is NOT a mixture: a 14k gold ring, pure water, air, a paper bag pure water
A piece of jewelry made of platinum alloyed with gold is a homogeneous mixture
What does NOT affect the viscosity of fluid chemical reactivity
What is NOT a physical property flammability
What involves a chemical change silver tarnishing
What does NOT indicate an increase in the speed of particle motion deposition to a solid
The two ancient Greek theories of matter were the ____ model and the _____ model continuous, particle
How does an atom become an ion when it gains or loses electrons to create a charge imbalance in a previously neutral atom.
What example are we given in scripture of the need for classifying and organizing creation in light of the Creation Mandate One of the first things Adam did was name and group the animals
Describe compounds they are made up of two or more kinds of atoms that always chemically combine in the same ratio for that particular compound
Oil and vinegar salad dressing is an example of a _____ mixture Heterogeneous
____ are low viscosity liquids used to ___ friction Lubricants, reduce
Liquids and gases are both fluids
Two gases with the same composition but at different temps are released into two empty identical containers. Which gas fills its container first and why The warmer gas fills its container first because its individual particle speeds are higher, allowing for faster expansion
Describe the path of a gas particle in a container The particle will move quickly in a straight line until it collides with something. Its path will appear to be random.
In a ____ state, the attractive forces between particles are too weak to overcome the high speed of the particles gaseous
Mercury, unlike any other metal, is a liquid at room temp (25 C). What is its melting point relative to room temperature below room temperature
T/F: Aristotle's theory of matter is similar to the current scientific model of matter False
T/F: A particle can be ionized by removing either an electron or a proton False
T/F: A homogeneous mixture is an example of a pure substance because its uniform False
T/F: Solutions are always mixtures, but mixtures are not always solutions True
T/F: All matter can be classified as a liquid, solid, or gas False
T/F: Any physical property of a substance can be used to identify it from other substances False
T/F: Kevlar's tendency to break down in the presence of water or ultraviolet light is a chemical property True
T/F: The law of conservation of matter does not hold for nuclear changes False
T/F: A change of state is not a nuclear change True
T/F: When water changes to steam, thermal energy has been absorbed by the water True
T/F: Thermal energy changes with an object's temp, but the speed of the object's particle does not False
T/F: Alloys often do not have the same melting points as the pure metals they are made of True
T/F: All liquids experience some vapor pressure True
T/F: A solid must melt and then evaporate or boil before it can turn into a gas False
A diamond is crystalline
Glass is amorphous
Wood is other
Table salt is crystalline
Water ice is crystalline
Burning is a chemical change
Evaporating is a physical change
dissolving is a physical change
rusting is a chemical change
Icicles disappear in the spring a solid to a liquid
Plants release water vapor into the atmosphere through transpiration liquid to a gas
Water enters the atmosphere from the ocean liquid to a gas
Ice cubes stored in a freezer disappear over time solid to a gas
Drops of water form on the outside of a cold soft drink can gas to a liquid
Liquid cloud droplets form gas to a liquid
Frost forms on cold glass gas to a solid
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