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Engage Lesson 2 &3


kirtle long gown or dress worn by women
myrtle type of small tree that has sweet smelling white or pink flowers and black berries
swains male admirers or suitors
posies small bunches of flowers
embroidered decorated with a design made by sewing
coral a hard material formed on the bottom of the sea by skeletons of small creatures
amber a hard yellow or orange substance that can be polished and used for jewlery or other decorations
nymph beautiful or graceful young woman
fold enclosed area for sheep
philomel mythical woman
wanton not limited or controlled
wayward not going or moving in the intended direction
reckoning the act of judging something
gall bitterness of spirit
breed lacking the human power of speech
fancy feeling of liking someone or something
folly lack of good sense or judgment; foolishness
dumb lacking the human power of sppech
Created by: mstrigueros