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8 History Chap 1

BJU American Republic Chapter 1

Italian explorer who proved that Columbus had discovered a "new world" Vespucci
Explorer for Spain who may have been the first European to see the land that is now the United States Ponce de Leon
Explorer for Spain who discovered the Pueblo Indians and was the first European to see the Grand Canyon Coronado
Claimed the Mississippi River for France La Salle
Found the St. Lawrence River Cartier
Claimed the Atlantic coast of North America for England Cabot
Raised totem poles and gathered salmon West Coast Indians
Used horses to follow the buffalo Plains Indians
Lived in lodges called hogans Great Basin and Plateau Indians
Formed peaceful confederations Woodland Indians
Which two monarchs gave Columbus support for his voyage King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
For whom were the Americas named Amerigo Vaspeucci
What word best describes the Indian tribes that moved from place to place in search of food nomadic
What religion did the Spanish spread as they explored the New World Roman Catholicism
In what year was Jamestown founded 1607
What was the major business activity of the Frenchmen who came to North America fur trading
What is another name for Norsemen Vikings
What crop became profitable for the settlers of Jamestown tobacco
What word describes the belief that spirits live in natural objects and rule natural events animism
What English nobleman organized an unsuccessful colony, called the "Lost Colony" on Roanoke Island Sir Walter Raleigh
The activities of which man opened the door for European exploration of the New World Columbus
Which European reached America before Columbus did Ericson
During the late 1400s, Europeans greatly desired spices from the Orient
The Reformation turned which of the following countries to Protestantism England
What country explored and settled the land by the St. Lawrence River France
The first Africans to arrive in Jamestown were probably indentured servants
What group of English captains struck at Spanish harbors and ships the Sea Dogs
What did the Virginians call their first representative assembly the House of Burgesses
Which group of Indians lived near the Jamestown settlement the Powhatan
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