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Ela voc 17 definitio

Sparing (usually in eating or drinking); temperate Abstemious
To caution, to advise, or to counsel against something Admonish
Friendship Amity
A fortification, a stronghold Badtion
Hardened; insensitive, indifferent, unsympathetic Callous
Leniency Clemency
To expose the falseness or hypocrisy of something Debunk
To spread in all directions Diffuse
To trick, to fool, to deceive, or to cheat; to bilk Dupe
To expel an evil spirit, to get rid of something troublesome Exorcise
Delicate skill Finesse
The quality or state of being humble in spirit Humility
Extremely overbearing Imperious
The act of stealing another's property Larceny
Gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughter Mirth
To soothe or to appease, to assuage Mollify
A newly coined word or phrase; new use of a word (often disapproved of) Neologism
Conforming to established standard, conventional Orthodox
Difficult or adverse situation Plight
A list of works of music or reading that are ready for performance Repertoire
To break apart, to burst Rupture
Worried, concerned Solicitous
Showing little emotion Stolid
Turbulent, stormy Tempestuous
Not able to be defended Untenable
Created by: Snowflake098