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Study norwegian 3

To study the norwegian language, stack number 3 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Him Ham Replace the i in the word him, with a, to get ham.
You Deg Deg rhymes with leg. Deg is you (singular).
See Ser See looks like ser
Hear Hører Hører is one of the five senses
Stop Stopp Stop signs are everywhere in the streets.
Red Rød Rød is one letter away, which is ø. If you replace the ø with o, it will spell English word rod.
Green Grønn Greenland in Norwegian is grønland, which means literally green land.
Blue Blå Blå has å in it
Soup Suppe Soup and suppe both start with s.
The -en -en is a suffix
One Én Én has an accent, the accent is uncommon in Norwegian.
Zero Null Null in English means nothing.
Two To To is two, but with the w omitted.
Cheese Ost The only letter in common that cheese and ost have is s.
No Nei No is a very powerful word in my opinion, even more powerful than yes.
Yes Ja Yes and ja don't have any letters in common.
Hello Hallo It is polite to say hello when meeting someone.
Bread Brød Bread has one more letter than brød.
Have Har You need to have food to live.
Bear Bjørn Bjørn has ø in it.
Duck And And is a word in both Norwegian and English, but they do not mean the same thing.
Spider Edderkopp Being scared of spiders is called arachnophobia.
What Hva What is usually used in a question.
Animal Dyr Humans are technically animals, but are usually not considered animals, probably because it is classically considered that humans are more intelligent than animals.
Fruit Frukt Fruit & frukt are the same word, but has the i replaced with a k.
Water Vann Technically water is a compound, but is not usually considered a compound, probably because people knew that water exists long before water was discovered to be a compound.
Her Henne You remove the ne, part in henne, you get hen.
Created by: Nitrogen7