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Animation 1 Review

Cookie A small file stored on your computer by a website containing information about you and your web activities.
Copyright The legal protection afforded the expression of an idea.
Intellectual Property Intangible creative work that is embodied in physical form.
Patent Grants exclusive rights for 20 years to a publicly disclosed idea.
Fair Use Doctrine Allows the use of copyrighted material in student class work and for teaching purposes.
Spyware Software that comes hidden in free downloads that tracks your online movements and/or downloads information stored on your computer.
Trade Secret Novel ideas not in public domain. Employees must sign non-disclosure agreement.
Worm A type of virus that spreads itself from computer to computer via e-mail and the Internet.
How much copyrighted music can be used in a student project? 30 seconds
How much of a copyrighted video can be used in a student project? 3 minutes
How much copyrighted text from a single source can be used in your research paper? 1000 words
What time period applies to a student project containing copyrighted material? 2 years
How many copyrighted images can be used from an individual photographer’s or artist’s website? 5 images
How many copyrighted images can be used from a web search engine collection such as Google? 15 images
How many copies can be made of a student project for educational use? 2 copies
Plagiarism Act of using and passing off someone else’s words, ideas, music, etc. as your own. Failing to document Internet sources.
Attribution The original creator of the work must be credited.
Non-commercial The work cannot be shared, adapted or reused for commercial advantage or to make money.
No Derivatives The work can be shared, though not changed or reused.
Sharealike The work must use the same creative commons license if remixed or adapted.
Created by: lujanj