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Scratch Vocabulary 2

Scratch Vocabulary words 16-30

Pen A feature in Scratch that allows a Sprite to draw shapes, plot colored pixels, and so forth on the screen with the Pen Blocks.
Procedure A sequence of steps that executes a smaller task of a larger program or algorithm
Random numbers Within the ÔÇťoperators block, choosing 'pick random' selects random integers within a given range.
Scratch A drag and drop programming language made by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT
Script A collection or stack of blocks that are connected together to form a sequence to control the a sprite,
Scripts area The screen area where you drag blocks in, snap them together to create sequence of instructions for a sprite
Sequence A serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order of steps or a recurrent pattern for a specific task.
Sprite Either user-created, uploaded, or found in the sprites library, are the objects that perform actions in a project controlled by blocks.
Stop Sign A button that when clicked halts the running project immediately. It can be clicked at any time during a project.
Stage The term for the background of the project, but can have scripts, backdrops (costumes), and sounds, similar to a sprite
String Sequences of binary-encoded computer characters, including spaces.
Variables These blocks allow you to create changeable values or data and use them in a program; the variables can store numbers or strings.
X position The value where the sprite is on the X axis (horizontal) of the stage.
Y Position The value where the sprite is on the Y axis (vertical) of the stage.
X__Y__ the coordinates on the stage where you want the sprite to move to.
Created by: shmaguy