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Scratch Vocabulary I

Scratch Vocabulary words 1-15

Algorithm A complete solution to a program.
Backdrop One out of possibly many frames, or backgrounds, of the Stage. It is located in the backdrops library.
Beta Test The testing of a program in draft form before releasing final version.
Blocks An instruction for a sprite Used to tell the sprite what to do such as move, play music or react; a specific instruction.
Blocks palette The area that contains the basic blocks for programming your sprites
Block-Based Programming Language A programming language that allows users to create programs by manipulating graphical or visual elements (blocks) rather than writing text-based code.
Broadcast A message that is sent through the Scratch program, activating receiving scripts.
Costume One out of possibly many "frames" or alternate appearances of a sprite.
Conditional Statement A series of commands which occur if a logical test is true, or if-else to check for a condition and possibly do an alternative.
Debug The process of finding solutions to errors in the programming code.
Event An action executed because of a message received or a condition being true. (This could be a motion, looks ,sound, data or control block level command.)
Green Flag A programming feature that, when clicked, will start all scripts in that project that are hatted with the ‘When Green Flag Clicked” block.
Keyboard input Within the “sensing block” choosing “'ask and wait' prompts users to type. 'answer' stores the keyboard input.
Loop A collection of one or more code blocks that are repeatedly executed. Forever and repeat can be used for iteration (repeating a series of instructions)
Parallelism The computational concept of making things happen at the same time.
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